The internet has questions and The Girl IQ has answers!

Arketype is teaming up with their favorite TikTok super star, Rachel Muelle, aka "The Girl IQ" to find out does our CBD cream really work?

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Find Out:

➤ My story with eczema

➤ How this cream revolutionized my shaving routine

➤ The truth about eczema, and moral


CBD Cream works to treat:

01 Chronic pain

02 Acute pain

03 Sore muscles

04 Sore joints

05 Eczema

06 Psoriasis

07 Skin infections

08 Rashes

09 Burns

10 Skin aging - antioxidants in CBD are potent as anti-aging ingredients

Did you know


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2,500 mg CBD cream
100% natural, high potency CBD
Available for monthly subscription

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Before You Get Started

Although CBD is known to be safe for most people, if you are taking any medication, be sure to consult your healthcare profressional before introducing CBD to your regimen.

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